сряда, 13 март 2013 г.

Belmeken Lake

Rila is very scenic and beautiful mountains. In fact, it is the - highest mountain in Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula. Located in Southwestern Bulgaria.

The name of the mountain comes from the Thracians and means mountain with plenty of water. There is that much of it springing rivers, and there are really a large amount of lakes. Some of the rivers got their start here are some of the best - great rivers in Bulgaria Maritsa, Iskar, Mesta, Struma and many not so famous rivers. Here, however, we will look at a fraction of the masterpieces of Rila, namely its lakes, which are an integral part of the stunning landscape of mountains. Lakes of Rila maontain are about 200. On of the lakes in Rila mountain is Belmeken lake.

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